Saturday, August 25, 2012


Absolutely Brilliant!


From Bad to Worse

Obama has always been a caricature of leftist populism. Now he's just a pathetic caricature of leftist populism.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Just Listen to Them

(I posted this several years ago. I just dug it up and thought it worthy of re-posting)

Just listen to (or read, as the case may be) what they say.

Listen to what Lenin said. Listen to what Stalin said. Listen to what Mussolini said. Listen to what Hitler said. Listen to what Castro has said. Listen to what Pol Pot said. Listen to what Kim Jong Il [had] said. Listen to what Bin Laden [had] said. Listen to what Hugo Chavez says. Listen to what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says.

Listen to what many American college professors, media pundits, and "artists" and performers say regularly.

Are you paying attention?

Just listen to what they say. Assume they really mean it.

...Any questions?


Heckling, for Socialist Revolution...or Just to be Annoying

Okay, I get it.  Scream questions or provocative statements at an elected official...for a minute or two. But, I see no reason why a speaker of any position in any venue should tolerate being shouted down, silenced, or attacked by rabid clowns whose only real position on any issue is to eliminate other views from being heard.

In the age of the internet, anyone can find or conjure a forum to express their viewpoint. What exactly is the rational justification for the verbal assaults - and more - that have become a staple of Jacobin "disagreement?"

People boycotting Dixie Chicks' music  (as had been the case during the Bush administration) is not "censoring freedom of speech."  Preventing a planned speech, lecture, or rally from taking place most assuredly is censorship...not to mention laying out one's credentials as a bona fide idiot.   Such intrusion on the free play of ideas is regular fare on college campuses for speakers like Ann Coulter. Generally speaking, conservatives appear to be better behaved when it comes audience etiquette.  There are plenty of radical popular leftists that get regular hearings in venues across America and I've never heard of a contingent of young republicans or like-minded people shouting them down. I can't imagine trying to shout them down while they're speaking.  I definitely wouldn't throw a pie at them or climb on the stage to shout in their face - not because I'm particularly noble but because...who wants to publicly display them self as a blatant asshole?

As stated before, I reluctantly understand the idea of a word or sentence of disagreement being shouted out to an elected official in an informal setting (an official who is clearly in a position of power and is perceived to be intruding on one's life in some  way).  It's rude to be sure but I suppose most politicians understand that it goes with the territory.   

What I don't get is aggressive or provocative attempts to disrupt a candidate before an election.  This man or woman is not yet acting with the authority they seek (through legitimate election). They're not imposing anything on you beyond the possibility that ideas you do not favor may win out in the public forum. They're stating their beliefs so that others may choose to vote for them.  The way to protest against them is to vote for the other guy or, if you really want to be aggressive, give his or her opponent money and volunteer to help defeat the things you claim to despise.   If you really think that the candidate wants to push old ladies in wheelchairs off of cliffs, great!   Hold up a sign stating your opposition to throwing ladies off of cliffs (in that instance, you should consider the possibility that you may be exaggerating things a bit).

In the current election, the Jacobins are out in force, and their shrill attacks will no doubt increase in number and aggressiveness.  What exactly is the point of shouting down Paul Ryan when he's addressing a crowd of mostly interested followers?  Do you really find it to be a preamble to a dark night of fascism that someone wants to address the issue of the country's excessive  debt?  But then again...didn't Romney give some woman cancer, or eat babies or something like that?

I wouldn't begin to claim that the left's darlings haven't also been heckled (equally stupid and annoying) but when it comes to strategic Alinsky-style  disruption, the left has the genuine professional side-show for nonsense. Remember, they want their "revolution" (leftist authoritarian bureau-state) and they want it now!

'You don't like Romney or Paul Ryan?...fine, don't vote for them.  Knock yourself out and knock on doors for "hope and change" again but,  sit down and shut up when someone is offering another view.

"Occupy"...your head, with something other than obsessions to muzzle opponents.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Greed Defined:

(I may have posted this before - long ago)

Greed is; when one's lust for material gain or power surpasses a point where their intentions, actions, and interactions are peaceful, honest, and responsible.

By this definition, the mere -- normal -- desire to succeed, excel, and acquire is not "greed" no matter how wealthy or accomplished one may be. Conversely, one can be "poor" and actually exhibit the traits noted above.

Most business people are not "greedy," but most politicians surly are. In the end, the pathological and morally corrupt attributes defined above as greed are standard behavior amongst those who seek to impose their will through compulsion thus increasing their power and authority over the lives of others.

By reasonable and common sense definition a wealthy person is not by default, greedy. An authoritarian anti-capitalist control freak is.

Sunday, August 12, 2012



The guy speaks for himself. Nothing else can be said...except, "Biden...Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Sunday, August 05, 2012


Jacobins in the Age of Telepromters

Held in rapture to tiny visions, they sway like leaves drained of color and swoon like maidens unadorned with either wisdom or common sense. 

In awe of shiny lights and words born on ideas made of mist. The tragedy of captivated mobs submerged into destinies all too common on the cracking pages of history's  dead potentials.

Everyone chooses a side but some with fervor more bizarre than reasoned.

Once more a mere man is draped by illusion with things of heaven and the divine, when in truth he simply brushes his teeth and burps when he's eaten too much.

No longer enamored with the guitar strains and flashing lights that transfix many a child, those who follow find new obsessions to cultivate their sense of purpose.  

They chant, they cry, they claw at the air.  When true believers find their idol to be made of dust, they believe with added passion.

"Hope." "Change." Fun and  games. Destroying a civilization is no big deal if it's on someone else's tab.

Like they've done through the millennia, they march in the hope that those of more practical intent will be bound to silence. They yearn for their dream to get enough foot in the door to storm the palace and lay waste to the suburban backyard garden.

So far  "Forward" they tread,  they once more reach the back again in that repeated passion to reverse the course of human progress.

Their voluntary return to cave and swamp born of high ideals and a mundane inability to simply pay attention.

Saturday, August 04, 2012


Random Observations...

...Meaning I don't have time to post anything that actually takes time to write

Anything can be sold if it's in the right package (and there continues to be people who are easily swayed by such packaging). “Anything” unfortunately include ideas, religions, and the products of a mere will to conquest.

The leftist view of economics is, and always has been, that of a child. You want something and think you should have it and some paternalistic figure is supposed to hand it over to you. The how or why of the issue is never part of the equation.

The road to “paradise” is paved with the victims of self-righteous control freaks.

Fascism is merely socialism minus seizure of private property.

Consensus: One group's submission to another's more powerful position (also a definition to "cooperation" as commonly used in political discourse).

The one thing in politics and legislation that should be considered most, and is often never considered at all is human nature...

There's no way around it; America's constitution as an obstacle to political "action" is more detrimental the the cause of Democrats than Republicans. (e.g. Republican ideals are more in line with the constitution). For Democrats to impose what they want would require virtually eliminating the document in spirit and discarding most of it in specifics.

The Chinese are natural born capitalists living under communism and the Japanese are natural born communists living under capitalism

One can be almost certain that when someone rants of others as being, "full of hate," that the accuser is likely, themselves, consumed with it. The only difference being the object of the hatred and a flight from reality regarding one's own motivations.

The laws of history and nature will surely do any country in over time. Why speed the process along.

The most pernicious aspect of the Jacobin mind is it's pervasive ability to simply nullify all opposition as invalid. What's to debate when there is no other side worthy of acknowledgment?

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